7stacks 1.5

Creates stacks of icons in the Taskbar

Groups multiple shortcuts or files in a single stack that can be placed on the Taskbar. Embeds customization options for each stack's appearance and functionality.

7stacks is a free utility specifically designed for Windows 7 and Vista operating systems. Like in Mac OS, it combines applications of the same kind, grouping their related icons into one icon. These stacks are customizable having a variety of different appearances and options to obtain the desired look and function.

7stacks works with the QuickLaunch Toolbar reducing icon mess. For instance, if you use application suites such as Microsoft Office, all the suite's icons will be also combined into one icon.

The utility goes further and can also be used to browse and access documents within a folder faster than usual. Normally, when you want to edit a series of frequently used documents, you would have to search the recent documents, or open ‘My Computer’ icon or go into Windows Explorer and pick the file. With 7stacks, user can create a stack to that document folder, and open that document in 2 clicks.

Users can create new stacks by right-clicking on any stack, and selecting "Create New Stack", next a shortcut icon to the stack is placed on the desktop, which can be pinned to Windows taskbar.

New in this version you will find 64 bit integration, adjustable icon and font sizes, allow replacement of icons with PNG, rearrange and resort icons, drag-n-drop between stack folders, and more.

Max Santillana
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  • Group applications into one stack
  • Access folders directly from taskbar
  • 64 bit integration
  • Customizable settings


  • Copying between stacks not allowed
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